Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Header | Short Break

It took about a week to update the entire site with the new header, but it's finally done.
I've been working super hard on that and also on a clients site.
Because I've been working so hard on my site (and a client's site) I've decided that next week, I'm taking a break. I'm going to make some things with my hands. A little cutting, gluing, maybe painting? Either way, I'm going to work on something that's NOT on the computer.

Then I plan to get back to updating the site. I'd LOVE to make some videos. At least post some to my site that hasn't been posted yet. The Artfolio is in dire need of updating. So if I worked on any part, it would probably be that section. Not sure what I'll jump into next. But you can bet it will be the artfolio.

As far as the 365 challenge goes,..
I'm barely into it and already it's a challenge. It's kind of boring at this point. Nothing interesting. Except pictures of the doctor cutting my finger open to release an infection. That was pretty cool to get shots of. Other than that, the challenge has had a slow start.

Well, that's all for the updates.
I'll keep ya posted with what's next.
But for now, I'm taking a little break.


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